Society for Space Education Research and Development (SSERD) is a community devoted to promote space education and research with a coordinated effort of distinctive associations across the globe. Together, we strive to build up an adoration for space among various societies, regardless of their age, and prompt them to the fascinating, infinite world of Space Science and to prove the words of Plato "Astronomy compels the soul to look upward, and leads us from this world to another".
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What do we do?

As a step towards this goal, we at SSERD have come up with an exciting yet intriguing way to reach our young minds by using a distinct method of learning focused on Space Science.

Astro Space Camp

Advanced Exposure to the fascinating world of space, satellites and rockets at very young ages and to help in developing the Aerospace education in the country

Young Minds

A Platform to pen down the thoughts on any interesting topics, realistic or unrealistic, but surely are innovative. A hunt for interesting talent that student will be interviewed, shared for motivation and worldwide recognition.

Sky Gazing & Astronomy

Pointing Telescope at Moon, Planets, Stars and Constellations for a closer view and study them.

Internships & Projects

Monthly Internships and 3 months Projects are provided on Space Topics.

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December 2018 - Deepesh Gurdasani

For his valuable support for social media team.
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