Ozone Alerted!

SSERD having the motto of promoting space education, has been doing it. We are achieving new milestones and stepping up to the world every day. One such event was by providing internship for students from Oakridge International School.  After a considerable number of meet ups, finally SSERD was successful in completing the project along with dedicated minds of the school.

Project team!

With Professor Jayanth Murthy

The discussion had been condensed and agreed by all. Ozone Sensor was the topic. Here is what it means; Ozone is a protective layer for the Earth which is present in Stratosphere. Due to fast paced growing industrial activities, the Ozone layer is depleting. Our aim was on point, we had data on past years which told what the depletion rate was. SSERD mentored students from Oakridge International School, in building a payload which was carried by High Altitude Balloons (HAB). The payload consisted an Ozone sensor, which was capable to gather data on the present quantity of Ozone, henceforth creating awareness on precautionary measures to be done for the future.

Ready to launch!

The project had dedicated workforce of student from necessary backgrounds like Environmental Science, Structural Engineering, Data Analytics and Electronics. Each student executed the task with enthusiasm and dedication which resulted the project being success.


The project emerged successful. The payload reached an altitude of around 26kms, did the necessary observations on the ozone concentration levels and gave the data and it was processed successfully.

And we are also thankful for IIA (Indian Institute of astrophysics), SK labs and Greentech solutions for their immense support!

Like mentioned above, SSERD is ready to lend a hand for any such enthusiast 🙂

Keep Spacing 🙂


Jointly organized by Udhayabanu kala sanga & Society for Space Education, Research and Development

  • SCIENCE–CON: Science Costume Competition – Students are supposed to dress up as any person in the Science & Space domain or dress up like which explains any Science Law/process etc. Each student will get 150 seconds to speak on why they dressed up like that or the importance of that person or the law. It is compulsory to end with a message to all the audience. They can Speak either in English or in Kannada. 1st and 2nd in each category. Register below. Payment will be taken offline on Spot on the event day. 

Category 1 – Students from class 1 to 4

Category 2 – Students from class 5 to 7

Category 3 – Students from class 8 to 10

           Judges will give the points on the following criteria:

           – The Costume   

           – The talk

           – The Message

          Registration Fee:

                Rs.50/- per student

  • PAINT SCIENCE: Painting Competition – Students can use any kind of painting/ coloring to portray the topic given. The A3 size Cardboard sheet will be given for the students and the required materials need to be bought by students themselves. Various topics will be provided and students can pick any 1 topic and will get 90 minutes of the time to complete.  

Category 1 – Students from class 1 to 4

– Science in day-to-day life

– Space

Category 2 – Students from class 5 to 7

– Extraterrestrial Life

– technology and climate

– Symmetry in nature

Category 3 – Students from class 8 to 10

– Future of Latest Technologies

– Life on exoplanets

– biodiversity in Ice/snow

– Science and music

1st Prize and 2nd Prize will be given to all the categories.

Registration  Fee: Rs.50/- per student

  • SCIENCE QUIZ – Quiz will be on several levels. Students passing each level will go to next levels. Each level quiz will be asked in different forms. The questions will be based on Science.

Following are the Levels.

We will invite teams of students from schools, a minimum of 2 members and a maximum of 3 members in the team. Each school can send as many teams as they wish to. Could be either for class 5-7 or 8-10. Both might not be doable given there are other events.

Level 1 – Written quiz to all registered participants. We shall select top 8 teams for next level.

Level 2 –  oral quiz with A/Vs included 3 different rounds.

Registration Fee: Rs.100/- per team.

World Space Week

As we move towards the Space Week 2018, there are some things Society for Space Education Research and Development (SSERD) would love to share with you all.


Space Week’s history dates back to 1980 when the then Governor of Texas (a city in the U.S) declared space week from 16-24 July as in 1969 on these dates, the first human Moon landing by NASA astronauts (Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin) took place. A group of 4 namely Ernest Hillje (Former NASA engineer, one of the first three incorporators of the Spaceweek, incorporation), Troy Welch (one of the first five board of directors of the Spaceweek, inc. and an incorporator), Dennis Stone (one of the first three incorporators of the Spaceweek, inc. and the president of the WSWA since its inception), David Koch (one of the five board members of the Spaceweek, inc.) in Houston (a city in the U.S) celebrated the first space week in 1980 and then in 1981, they formed National Space week Headquarters. By 1999, Space week had spread to 15 Nations and on 18th October 1999 the United Nations General Assembly announced its inauguration to educate people around the globe about the benefits they are/can receiving/receive because of space. The U.N General Assembly announced that it should be held from 4th October – 10th October every year.

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What we do at SSERD

When we contemplate the whole globe as one great dewdrop, striped and dotted with continents and islands, flying through space with other stars all singing and shining together as one, the whole universe appears as an infinite storm of beauty – John Muir

At SSERD we are trying to rekindle the passion for space in the young generation. One of our key aims is to initiate and develop the love for space among young minds starting right from their primary schooling and  provide them an exposure to the ravishing and never-ending world of Space Science

Society for Space Education, Research and Development (SSERD) is an independent organization dedicated to promoting space education and research through collaboration of different organizations from different parts of the world. Continue reading